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Track Name: Stokz / V.O. / Key1 - Ill Sxxx
This that ill sxxx
Next level that trill sxxx
Ill world gon feel this
Ill world gon feel this
Track Name: Key1 / N8 Smiff / V.O. - Don't Sleep On Me
Went from nothing up to something and something's all I've got
Hearing all the sorry's and probably's a lot
I bleed my life out through this pen
And I'm gon work till the very end
Waste no time
Work for mine
The bottom line
Don't sleep on me.
Track Name: N8 Smiff / Vinci Lewis / Stokz / Key1 - Have You Seen Her?
Ice cold, it's out of control I'm letting you know
Got me searching for more
So tell me have you seen her?
She put that good game down and now she's out the door
Lord it's killing my soul
So tell me have you seen her?
Track Name: Steph Mitchill / N8 Smiff / Nicky Lungz / V.O. - Paid In Full
Quotes from the movie "Paid In Full"
Track Name: N8 Smiff / V.O. / Key1 - My Flow (Feat. Tramaine)
My team illin
We be in the building
We about to kill it so you know these hater's know
My flow
The illest sxxx come out my mouth
We the mother fxxxxxs everybody talking bout
Track Name: Chrystel / Key1 / V.O. - Riding (Pt.1)
I'll ride for my nxxxxs ay
From the bottom to the top that's how we get it ay
And if you with it then you know
This just how we roll
Ain't no other way to go
We riding . . .
Track Name: Key1 / N8 Smiff / V.O. - Bout That Life
You ain't really bout that life boy
All your life you ain't have to work hard boy
You ain't never seen no struggle
You ain't never need no hustle
You ain't really bout that . . .
Track Name: Key1 / Vinci Lewis / whenf. - WOOO!!! (Winning On Our Own)
Riding round in my city
Leaning left in my whip
Cop a sack for 350
And I ain't selling that sxxx
Double cup of that purple
Swerve out when I dip
Green sxxx on my brain
Still counting my grip
WOOO!!! . . .
Track Name: whenf. / Key1 / N8 Smiff - pimpTONIGHT
Never ever simp
Rick James bxxxx
I got the baller genetics baby this evidence
I know you seen me shining
So how you ain't convinced?
To ill up in this bxxxx
Something like a pimp
Track Name: Chrystel / N8 Smiff / Key1 - Never Let Me Go (Feat. Chris Drisdom)
Just let it flow
Never let me go
Never let me go
Just hold me close
We'll take it slow
Never let me go
Never let me go . . .
Track Name: V.O. / Stokz - Small Circle
A small circle with no new nxxxxs